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Summit 2 Unit7

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Read each statement. Then choose the sentence in each pair that is closer in meaning to the original statement.

  a It’s not expensive to live in that area. Consequently, a lot of people are moving there.
a. People are moving to the area as a result of the low cost of living there.
b. The low cost of living in the area is a result of people moving there.


Unless we send the documents today, they won’t arrive on time.
If we send the documents today, they won’t arrive on time.
If we don’t send the documents today, they won’t arrive on time.


Although she never finished school, Janie has a very successful career.
Janie has a successful career, but she didn’t finish school.
Janie has a successful career because she didn’t finish school.


As long as you follow the doctor’s orders, you’ll be fine.
You’ll be fine even if you don’t follow the doctor’s orders.
You’ll be fine if you follow the doctor’s orders.


There are many critics of traditional IQ tests. However, some schools still use them.
Some schools use traditional IQ tests because there are many critics of them.
Some schools use traditional IQ tests even though there are many critics of them.


You’re very smart. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been accepted to that school.
You’re very smart, but you weren’t accepted to that school.
You’re very smart, so you were accepted to that school.


We don’t have sugar. Therefore, we can’t make cookies.
Since we don’t have sugar, we can’t make cookies.
Even if we have sugar, we can’t make cookies.


We’ll order the supplies from Mr. Fisher, provided that his prices are reasonable.
We’ll order the supplies from Mr. Fisher only if his prices are reasonable.
Mr. Fisher’s prices will be reasonable because we order the supplies from him.


Sometimes businesses fail even if the employees work hard.
If the employees work hard, businesses won’t fail.
Sometimes the employees work hard, but businesses still fail.


Some companies track their employees’ use of the Internet. Nevertheless, many employees still use the Internet for personal business during work hours.
If companies didn’t track their employees’ use of the Internet, employees would use it less for personal business.
Many employees use the Internet for personal business even though their companies track their use.
Read the essay Lindsey Frost wrote as part of her application to a university. Then read it again and choose the letter of the answer that correctly completes each sentence.

     You can see from my high school records that my grades are only average. But grades do not tell the whole story about a person’s abilities. Some people who are geniuses probably don’t do well in school at all. I believe that there are different kinds of intelligence and not all of them are measured in school.
     My intelligence lies in my communication skills. I am really good at getting people to talk to me, and it just happens naturally. People have always wanted to share their thoughts and feelings with me. And when I talk, people listen. People tend to come to me for advice, and they take the advice that I give them. It usually turns out to be pretty good advice, too.
     I am able to get along with most people, and I believe that it is because of my natural communication skills. If I have a problem, or if I am upset, I am able to talk about it. I don’t keep my feelings inside. I think a lot of people appreciate my openness.
     My dream is to use my interpersonal intelligence to help people. In the future I would like to be a school psychologist and help students work out problems they have at school or at home. This school offers one of the best psychology programs in the country. I know that I can achieve my goal by combining my skills with an education from this school.

  b Lindsey wants to use her intelligence to _____.
a. become a genius
b. help people
c. stay focused


Lindsey believes that _____ people are geniuses, they might not get good grades.
as long as
even if


Lindsey is able to _____.
attract people
create new ideas
pay attention to detail


People usually _____ when they’re around Lindsey.
talk freely
draw conclusions
sense opportunity


Lindsey thinks her communication skills _____.
are exceptional
are average
need to be improved


Lindsey writes about her _____ in this essay.
eye for detail
ability to stay focused


Lindsey thinks that her grades             .
are very important
don’t reflect all of her abilities
can be improved with an education from this school


Lindsey’s short-term goal is               .
to improve her grades
to get along with people better
to attend university

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
Read each sentence. Then decide whether each sentence is true (T) or false (F).

  T   Taking a short break before you start a new task can help you focus.


If someone wishes that he or she had a way with people, then that person wants to have a good intuitive sense.


Someone who has a way with words has trouble expressing ideas clearly.


When you’re focused on a task, it’s easy to do other things at the same time.


Someone who has an eye for detail is good at seeing things other people might not notice.


When a person stays on target, he is focused on a task.


If someone has a knack for mathematics, then mathematics comes pretty easy to the person.


A gifted sculptor is good with his or her hands.


If you don’t stay on target, you can probably finish your work very quickly.


If you’re unable to concentrate, you’ll have trouble staying on target.

Complete each statement.
Look at the picture. Complete each sentence with the correct name. You will not use all of the names.


  Joanne is good with her hands.


_______________ has an ear for music.



_______________ is mechanically inclined.



_______________ has a head for figures.



_______________ has a knack for painting.


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