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Summit 2 Unit 6

Complete each conversation by choosing a sentence from the list. You will not use all of the sentences.

a. Could you point me in the right direction?
b. I’d be happy to.
c. Could you please move your bag?
d. I’ll only be a minute.     
e. I wonder if you could do me a favor.     
f. Would you mind turning it up a bit?

  b A:Excuse me. Could you please let me know when the cab is here?
 B:Sure. ____________


A: Hi. I’m looking for Eastern Hotel. ____________
B: Of course. Go down two blocks and turn left. You’ll see it on your right.
A: Thanks!


A: I’m sorry. I can’t hear what they’re saying on the radio. ____________
B: Not at all.


A: Hey, Dan. I need to get a drink from the vending machine. Could you please keep an eye on my bag? ______________
B: No problem. Take your time.


A: Excuse me. ____________ It’s blocking the aisle.
B: Oh, I’m really sorry.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Read the story. Then read it again and choose the letter of the answer that correctly completes each sentence.


Life After Katrina: A Survivor’s Story
On August 28, 2005, Gwen Kimmel was living in New Orleans, Louisiana, busy raising her four children. Life wasn’t easy, but they had a home and food to eat. She never expected that her life was about to change.

The next day, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States with wind speeds reaching 280 km per hour. The storm flattened houses, moved buildings, and destroyed entire towns. Luckily, the Kimmel family had left their home for the safety of the Superdome, a gigantic stadium in New Orleans. They stayed there during the storm. But with no electricity or running water, and over 25,000 people, this shelter quickly became unhealthy.

So the Kimmels were moved with thousands of others by bus to Houston, Texas. They were living in a temporary shelter with about 2,000 other people, but Gwen felt lucky. No one in her family was killed or seriously injured. Still, she admitted that life was difficult. “Now I understand what it’s like to be homeless,” she said. “I used to pass by homeless people on the streets, thinking that they were nothing but a problem to society. But now I know that it’s not that you choose to be homeless. Sometimes things just happen. You can lose everything overnight and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Gwen’s days became very different from what they used to be. At 8:00 A.M. she and the kids stood in the breakfast line with thousands of other people. Then they spent the day waiting for deliveries, like toys for the children or personal hygiene products. Later, they waited in line for dinner. At the end of the day Gwen and her kids waited in line again, this time to take showers. “After this, I’ll never take the basic necessities for granted again,” she said.

Gwen wasn’t sure how long she would call that place home or where they would go next. For the Kimmel family and thousands of others in the area, Hurricane Katrina was truly a life-changing event.

   c Gwen’s children were ________ during the hurricane.
a. missing
b. killed
c. safe


The Kimmels ________ alive if they had stayed in their home during the storm.
might not be
are not
won’t be


Hurricane Katrina changed Gwen’s view about ________.
public health
homeless people


Gwen became much more thankful for ________ since the storm.
nice weather
basic necessities
big stadiums


The Kimmel family first found shelter ________.
in Houston
in New Orleans
on the Gulf Coast


Gwen ________ a big change in her life.
wasn’t expecting
wasn’t surprised about
was prepared for


If Hurricane Katrina hadn’t hit, the Kimmel family ________ living in a shelter.
won’t be
would be
wouldn’t have been

Complete each statement.
Read the journal entry. Then complete each sentence with a participial adjective.

Wednesday, July 22

So far our vacation has been one disaster after another! It started at the airport. The airline canceled our flight! Eventually the airline compensated us for it, but we had to wait a long time. They put us on another flight, and we finally arrived in Ibiza. But the airline was very irresponsible with our luggage. The airline lost one of our bags and still hasn’t found it. They also tore Deborah’s suitcase, and it looks horrible. When we finally got to the hotel, I was exhausted and I wanted to take a nap. But as soon as I lay down on the bed, it broke! So the hotel staff moved us out of that room and into another one. In the afternoon Deborah and I went down to the beach. We took some pictures, and we went for a swim. After we got out of the water, we couldn’t remember where we put our camera! Even though someone found it and turned it into the front desk that night, it was already damaged. Then Deborah misplaced her key to our hotel room. We’ll have to pay 50 Euros for it if we don’t find it! I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow we’re going on a tour that is guided by the hotel staff. I hope tomorrow’s a better day.

The airline compensated them for the   canceled flight.


Tomorrow they’re going on a _______________ tour.



Deborah’s _______________ suitcase looks horrible.



The airline still hasn’t found their _______________ bag.



If they don’t find the _______________ key, they’ll have to pay 50 Euros for it.



Someone found the _______________ camera and returned it to the front desk.



The hotel staff moved them out of the room with the _______________ bed.


Short Answer
Complete the conditional sentences with the correct form of each verb.

If you    prepare (prepare) for your trip, you’ll avoid a lot of hassles.


If we _______________ (not pack) a lot of clothes, our suitcases will be easier to carry.


We’ll be late if we _______________ (not leave) right now.


We wouldn’t have missed our flight if we _______________ (arrive) at the airport on time.


If I _______________ (be) you, I’d keep my passport in a safe place.


If you had made a reservation for dinner, we _______________ (not wait) for a table now.


You don’t have a lot of experience with international travel. You wouldn’t be surprised about waiting if you _______________ (know) more about it.


If you don’t have your passport, they _______________ (not let) you into the country. It’s a law that you must have one.


If he _______________ (not drink) so much coffee before the flight, he might be able to sleep on the plane now.


Since you are a Canadian citizen, you didn’t need a visa when you went to France. If you weren’t Canadian, you _______________ (need) one.


If he _______________ (pay) attention, he definitely would have noticed the error on the ticket.
Look at the pictures. Write what each person is saying. Use Would you mind or Could you please.



      Could you please turn off the air conditioner?










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