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Summit 2 Unit 2

Match each sentence beginning to the correct ending. Use each ending only once.

a. which we’ll discuss later.     
b. whose classes are the most interesting.     
c. whom you should speak.     
d. who most employees in our company admire.     
e. when it’s OK to lie.     
f. where we can get great Mexican food.     
g. who is always willing to help you out.

d   Mrs. Klein is a boss _____


There is never a time _____


We’ve found a restaurant _____


If you have a problem, the manager is the person to _____


That is a subject _____


You need a friend _____


The most popular teachers are those _____
Look at the picture below and notice what happened. Then look at the other pictures and match the sentences to the correct pictures.


a. He’s making up for it.     
b. He’s taking responsibility for the damage.     
c. He’s refusing to pay for the damage.     
d. He’s making up an excuse.     
e. He’s admitting making a mistake.     
f. He’s shifting the blame to someone else.













Short Answer
Complete each sentence. Use your own words and a WH- relative pronoun.

My mother is someone for whom I have a lot of respect.


_______________ is a person _______________ did me a favor.


_______________ is a time _______________ almost everyone is happy.


_______________ is a place _______________ I’ve always wanted to go.


_______________ is a topic _______________ you should avoid discussing with people you don’t know very well.


_______________ is someone _______________ opinion I can trust.


_______________ is a person with _______________ I feel very comfortable.
Complete the conversation with the phrases from the box. You will not use all of the phrases.

I hate to tell you thisI insistthat’s really not necessary
I feel awful about itit was entirely my fault 


A:Here are your science notes that I borrowed. I’m really sorry, but I got a little food on one of the pages. (Example:)     It was entirely my fault. I apologize.
B:That’s OK. They’re just notes.
A:Well, thanks a lot. Oh, do you have the book I lent you last week?
B:Yes, I do. (a) ____________________, but it fell out of my bag one day when it was raining. It got really wet, and the book’s ruined. (b) ____________________.
A:Well, thanks for telling me the truth.
B:And I can replace the book. I’ll buy you a new copy.
A:Thanks. But (c) ____________________. I’ve already read it twice!

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Read the stories. Then read them again and choose the letter of the correct answer.

The Boy and the Wolf

Once there was a boy who had the job of protecting a flock of sheep from wolves. One day the boy was bored, so he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” The people from the village came running. When they arrived, they saw that there was no wolf. They were angry that the boy lied. The boy laughed and laughed. A few days later, the boy was bored again. He shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” and the people came running. The boy just laughed again. The next day, a wolf really came to attack the sheep. The boy was terrified. He cried, “Wolf! Wolf!” He begged for someone to come and help. But nobody came, and the wolf ate all the sheep.

Two Men and the Gorillas

Two old friends were traveling together. One day, they came to the land of the gorillas. The king of the gorillas wanted to speak to the men. He asked them a question. “What is your opinion of me and those around me?” The first man spoke. He said, “You are a very strong and respectable king. And those around you are handsome and smart.” The king and the gorillas were very happy with this answer, and the king commanded the gorillas to give the man a wonderful present. When the other man saw this, he thought, “If my friend received such a gift for lying, I’ll get something even better for telling the truth!” When the gorilla king asked the second man’s opinion, the man said, “You are a gorilla, and all of your friends are too.” The king became very angry when he heard this, and he ordered the gorillas to kill the man immediately.

  b   In the story “The Boy and the Wolf,” what’s the boy’s job?
a. keeping people from stealing the sheep
b. protecting a flock of sheep from wolves
c. finding the sheep that ran away


In the story “The Boy and the Wolf,” why did the boy lie?
He wanted to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
He thought lying was the best solution.
He thought it was fun.


What is the moral of “The Boy and the Wolf”?
If you lie too often, people won’t ever believe you.
It’s always better to tell the truth, even if you might hurt someone’s feelings.
You might get punished if you tell the truth.


What did the gorilla king want to hear?
He wanted to hear the men’s honest opinions.
He wanted to hear the gorillas’ opinions.
He wanted to hear something nice about himself and the other gorillas.


Why did the second man decide to tell the truth in “Two Men and the Gorillas”?
He expected his friend to value honesty.
He expected the gorilla king to value honesty.
He expected the gorillas to tell the truth.


What is the moral of “Two Men and the Gorillas”?
Sometimes lying is the best solution.
You should never lie to your friends.
People won’t believe you if you usually tell lies.


Which story also has this moral: Do not criticize others for faults we also have.
“The Boy and the Wolf”
“Two Men and the Gorillas”
Neither story has this moral.

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